San Vicente Dam Raise - Outlet Tunnel

San Diego, CA

Shimmick / Obayashi Joint Venture

Construction of the San Vicente Dam Raise outlet tunnel and pipe installation.  The project scope included the construction of upper and lower tunnels with a connecting vertical shaft.  After excavation, 90” and 66” pipes were installed in the tunnel, backfilled with Class C concrete and cellular grouted.

October 2010 to April 2011

Lower Baker Unit 4 Powerhouse

Concrete, WA

PCL Construction Services Inc.

Constructed 1,000LF of 15ft horseshoe power tunnel utilizing drill and blast and road header methods. Supported tunnel excavation with split-set rock bolts and mine straps. Installed 12ft diameter steel pipe with concrete backfill.

September 2011 to May 2012

Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore

Oakland, CA

Tutor Saliba Corporation

Using an excavator mounted cutterhead we excavated approximately 745lf of 46ft x 42ft automobile tunnel.  The tunnel was supported by lattice girders, shotcrete, rock grouting, rock bolting, self-drilling canopy tubes and fiberglass face dowels.  The project also included the excavation of 7 each cross passages 817lf x 12ft x 14ft in total;  supported by lattice girders, shotcrete, rock grouting, rock bolting, self-drilling canopy tubes, and fiberglass face dowels.  Probe and drainage hole drilling was required in addition to installation of 150mm plastic underdrains in the cross passages.

July 2010 to December 2011

San Vicente Dam Raise - Dam Penetration

San Diego, CA

Barnard Construction Company

Excavate using a roadheader 90LF of 13ft x 13ft Low-Level Outlet Tunnel through existing concrete dam.  Install inlet transition and carrier pipe, backfill the annular space with class C concrete and contact grout. 

January 2010 to April 2010

Mission Trails Pipeline Tunnel

San Diego, CA

LH Woods and Sons, Inc.

Construct 1954LF of 10ft x10ft inlet tunnel and 2549LF of 10ft x 10ft outlet tunnel.  The inlet tunnel is made up of 1240LF of drill and blast tunnel, 100LF of mixed face tunnel, and 614LF of roadheader tunnel.  Support the drill and blast section with rockbolts and the remainder with steel sets.  The outlet tunnel will be driven with a roadheader and supported with steel sets.  Excavate and support inlet shaft and elbow area.  Install and backfill the 92in diameter carrier pipe in both tunnel and the shaft.

March 2009 to June 2010

Folsom Dam Spillway Phase 2

Folsom, CA

Martin Brothers Construction

Excavation for the Folsom Dam Spillway that was 3500ft long, 300ft wide and 100ft deep using surface drilling and blast methods.  Foxfire was responsible for the surface drilling and blasting to loosen rock material to be excavated by Kiewit Pacific Company.  The center of the spillway was drilled on a blast pattern that broke material into movable pieces.  Each side of the spillway was sloped and required pre-split drilling to achieve precise wall blasting. 

June 2009 to December 2010

Olivenhain Dam

Escondido, CA

Archer Western Contractors Ltd.

Constructed 100ft x 113ft x 85ft deep hydroelectric pump house shaft by drill and blast methods.  Performed complex pre-split drilling program from the surface before excavation began.  Supported shaft with shotcrete and soil nails in upper 35ft and rockbolts and mesh in the lower portion.  Constructed tailrace tunnel system consisting of two 10.5ft x 10.5ft x 60ft long tunnels from the shaft, the transition from the two tunnels to a single tunnel, and the 16ft x 16ft x 140ft long tunnel leading out to the inlet/outlet structure.  Installed 8ft diameter concrete lining in the two smaller tunnels, transition concrete lining from the two tunnels to the larger tunnel, and a 13ft diameter concrete lining in the larger tunnel.  Excavated by drill and blast methods the material in the cofferdam for the outlet tunnel portal and inlet/outlet structure.

February 2007 to June 2010

Perris Valley Pipeline - North Reach

Riverside, CA

W.A. Rasic Construction

Excavated three separate tunnels using drill and blast and roadheader methods, supported using steel sets and shotcrete.  Installed 97' and 108' pipe in the completed tunnels and backfilled with cellular grout.

March 2008 to October 2008

Carter Lake Outlet Project

Carter Lake, CO

SEMA Construction Inc.

Using drill and blast and roadheader methods we excavated and supported a 9ft x 9ft x 800lf outlet tunnel through the right abutment of Carter Lake Dam No. 1.  After the tunnel excavation was complete we installed 800lf of 72" diameter steel pipe and backfilled with 4000psi concrete and foundation grouting.

July 2007 to March 2008

Lake Pleasant Pipeline Tunnel

Phoenix, AZ

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.

Construction of a nominal 9ft x 1,700ft long tunnel supported with spiling, steel sets and shotcrete.  1,050ft of the tunnel was excavated using drill and blast methods and 650ft was excavated using a roadheader.  We poured a concrete invert, installed 78" steel pipe in the tunnel, backfilled with low density cellular grout and and contact grouted as required.

November 2005 to May 2006

San Diego Pipeline No.6

San Diego, CA

J.F. Shea Construction, Inc.

Construction of a 12.5ft diameter tunnel using a 149" OD digger shield with ribs and wood lagging for ground support.  We poured a concrete invert, installed 121.5" ID welded steel pipe inside the tunnel and backfilled with low density cellular grout.

April 2006 to July 2006

Elkhead Creek Dam Reservoir Expansion Project

Craig, CO

Ames Construction, Inc.

Constructed a 505ft x 10ft x 10ft horseshoe shaped tunnel using a roadheader.  Supported the tunnel with steel sets and shotcrete.  Poured a concrete invert, installed 72" and 24" steel pipe inside the tunnel, backfilled the tunnel with low density cellular grout and contact grouted as required.

June 2005 to December 2005

Stanley Road Tunnel

Pleasanton, CA

Vulcan Materials

Constructed a 1,200ft x 12ft diameter conveyor tunnel with shield through gravel deposit beneath a creek, railroad track and a highway.  We supported the tunnel with a galvanized, gasketed liner plate.

August 2003 to December 2004

Black Mountain Pipeline Project

San Diego, CA

Archer Western Contractors Ltd.

Drove a 440ft decline and tunnel with a roadheader and drill and blast methods.  Sunk a 50ft deep shaft with drill and blast drop raise method, supported with rockbolts and shotcrete.  Installed 42" cement mortar lined steel pipe in 54" steel casing and installed 36" cement mortar lined steel pipe above 42" pipe and casing.

August 2002 to May 2004

Standley Lake Dam Outlet Tunnel Pipe Installation

Wesminister, CO

ASI/R.E. Monks Construction Co.

Installed 967ft of 8'8" diameter x 50ft long steel pipe in existing tunnel.  Backfilled with cellular grout and contact grouted through shotcrete lining and concrete invert.

July 2003 to September 2003

Rehab Clay Mine Adit

Otay Mesa, CA

Pacific Soils and Engineering, Inc.

Rehabilitation of an old clay mine 7ft x 7ft x 200ft long adit.  We used spiling, steel sets, rock bolts, and roof mats as needed for support.

July 2003 to September 2003

Olivenhain Dam Package 4

San Diego, CA

Kiewit Pacific Company

We sank a 27ft x 20ft rectangular shaft 125ft deep and drove a 420ft x 15ft x 15ft tunnel using drill and blast methods and used rockbolts and chain link mesh for support. We formed and poured 12ft diameter tunnel lining with traveling forms and  formed and poured a double transition structure from 12ft diameter round to 10ft x 16ft rectangular back to 12ft diameter round.

November 2001 to May 2003

Miramar Water Treatmant Plan - Early Start

San Diego, CA

Archer Western Contractors Ltd.

We drove 1,600ft x 10ft x 10ft tunnel with drill and blast methods for 1,000ft and roadheader for 600ft.  We supported the tunnel with steel sets, rockbolts and shotcrete.  Installed 84" cement mortar lined steel pipe.

October 2001 to September 2002